Stir Up Enchantment With Our Magical Products


Stir Up Enchantment With Our Mystical Products

Your Trusted Boutique for Magical Products

When you need a touch of magic in your life, consider purchasing the mystical products that Creations By Moonlight LLC offers. Our magical boutique offers a wide selection of items to accommodate your magical, mystical and spiritual endeavors.


About Our Company

At our company, we strive to provide our customers with a fun and safe place to experience all of their magical needs. All of our products are carefully hand selected throughout the country and overseas, therefore, you may find a limited quantity of your favorite items. Creations By Moonlight cares about the planet we share, all products are sustainably sourced. While we are currently online-only, we are looking for the perfect location to open an in-person boutique where you can experience the magic in person.

Offering a Variety of Mystical Products

Whether you're in search of incense, altar tools and tables, tarot cards or the right tote to carry it all in, rest assured you can find something mysterious in our boutique.

Speak With Our Bewitching Staff

Our goal is to assist our customers on their bewitching journeys by providing them with the necessary tools. If you are interested in the products we offer, reach out to our team today.